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Where Do You Get Diaper Making Fabric?

I just wanted to share this link with all of my readers, It is a link that has a huge list of places online where you can get all of your diaper making supplies.

Check it out!

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Frugal Cloth Diaper Making Tip!!

Keep an eye out at thrift stores and this summer at yard sales for fleece blankets! You will be able to get them cheap and you can make quite a few diapers out of just one, so imagine if you got a lot of them. They always have great graphics on them, too! I have an Indianapolis Colts one that my older son tore one end of, well, I am going to use the rest of it that is still good to make some diapers for my little one!!

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Fabric For Your Home Made Cloth Diapers

I have found the best site for buying all of your cloth diaper fabric needs. Diaper Cuts has some of the best styles and types. You will be sewing All In One cloth diapers with PUL fabric in no time.

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